About Us

Nepal is a blend of diverse landscapes, people, customs, cultures and languages. Nestled in the lap of the highest mountain in the world, Nepal encompasses diversity; from the snowcapped peaks to the lush plain tropical lands, it is one of the few places on earth where Mother Nature can be seen in all her finery.

Nepal is known throughout the world for its glorious Himalayas, scenic beauty, flora, fauna and a range of exquisite home made aromatic teas. Nepal constitutes only 0.1% of the total area of the world.
In 1842, a Chinese emperor had presented precious gifts of an exquisite variety of tea seeds to the then Prime minister of Nepal. With the vision of putting Nepal in global recognition as one of the best tea producing countries in the world, Colonel Thapa started tea plantations in the eastern districts of Nepal in 1843.

Guranse Tea is more than just a simple beverage. The taste is one of peace, comfort and refinement. Appealing to everyone it can be taken either strong or light to ones own personal preference. Properly prepared, it offers tea drinkers an experience akin to any other drink.

Guranse Tea Estate is situated at an altitude between 3300 and 7300 feet above sea level. Probably the highest tea garden in the world which produces one of the best teas. In order produce exquisite tea enriched with delectable ‘muscatel’ flavor with superb aroma, the bushes need to grow breathing pure mountain air, filled with just the right combination of sun, shade and rain that are abundant in the eastern hills of Nepal, below the majestic Mount Everest and mount Makalu.

Guranse Tea Estate has planted pure young and vibrant cloned bushes which are developed after years of extensive research and development in tea research industries. Only two leaves and one bud is maliciously plucked by skilled hands and processed in the factory under intensive quality control. This ensures premium teas rich in flavor and aromas keeping in mind the choice of international buyers on taste and health importance.

Guranse Tea Estate: A legacy of Excellence

Guranse Tea Estate is one of a subsidiary industry of the Vaidya's Organization of Industries and Trading House (VOITH). For over four decades, VOITH remains at the forefront of the country's private sector development; well known for its commitment to quality, excellence and professionalism. At Guranse Tea Estate, VOITH taps the best from Nepal's nature, poised to make a difference to the quality of our consumer's lifestyle.

  • Guranse Tea Estate, certified Organic by NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd (NASAA)
  • Guranse Tea Estate is Certified for ISO 9001:2000 by Premier Certification Body TUV Rheinland in the year 2001
  • A member of the 2001 Specialty Tea Registry (STAR), A division of the Tea Association of the USA., Inc.
  • A member of American Premium Tea Institute (APTI)